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Asha the Injured Kitten

Asha the Injured Kitten


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I gave this kitty the name Asha. It’s meaning seem to resonate with our future for her. It means ‘hope’ in Sanskrit, ‘alive’ in Swahili and ‘happy’ in Hebrew. You can also connect this name to the ash tree, a tree of high, spiritual importance to the Norse and Celtic people. What more can we ask for?

Asha came to us with what was thought to be a broken leg since she was dragging her back end when she tried to walk. Upon inspection, I saw that there were no broken bones (confirmed later by a vet). She was dehydrated, emaciated and had a large wound across her back that was infected and filled with maggots. We had her checked out by a vet and they gave her an extremely guarded outcome due to her body condition.

At this point she is getting daily wound care and bandage changes, pain management, sub-q fluids, body temperature control and help with feedings. She is unable to stand on her own right now so I help her stand so she can eat in a comfortable position. When she is too painful or weak to stand, I syringe feed her. She also is unable to get up to use the bathroom, so she is getting constant bed changes.

She has fight in her and I believe she is determined to live. We will fight alongside her!

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