March 27, 2020March 27, 2020

Emergency Tail Amputation Fundraiser for Pregnant Kitty

Emergency Tail Amputation Fundraiser for Pregnant Kitty


Campaign Target


$330 to go

This pretty girl was living outside for quite a while. At only a year old, she has been through some hard times. The woman that was feeding her noticed she had some damage to her tail. She contacted us for help and we answered the call. She was trapped and brought into the rescue. Upon examination, we saw that the damage was severe. We got her into the vet the next day and they recommended amputation. We also found out that she is pregnant. Although every life matters to us, the momma is our top priority. Because she would need antibiotics, there is a high risk she will lose the babies or they will be malformed. We just have to take care of mom and hope for the best. The surgery went very well. The infection was pretty bad so the vet took her entire tail. She is now safe and warm in her foster’s home. We were even able to hold and pet her today, but we’ll see if that’s just the pain killers. Her vet bill is pretty high and we are reaching out to the community for donations to help cover the cost.

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