This senior pet comes with a discounted adoption fee, making it even easier to welcome them into your home and heart.

My Birthday:


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Meet Pizazz!

My favorite thing to do is Eat and EAT. I sleep a lot also. I enjoy a squeeze up treat at lunch time.

What makes me special is I am an old girl and afraid of new people and loud noises

I want my new owner to know It takes a while to get use to new things and people but then I do not like to be alone. I will lay in your lap when it’s my idea. I definitely need to go on a diet.

When I am feeling playful I like to… I will play with cat toys but I do not have a favorite one

When it is time to rest, I sleep on the floor behind a chair. I have a blanket but after it was washed I do not use it much

I am not good with or unsure around Cats, Dogs, and Kids.

By nature I am… Quiet and I do not like to be held.