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As a rescue, our hearts break when we see posts for lost pets and even more so knowing this isn’t isolated to our state alone. The American Humane Association tells us that 1 out of 3 pets will become lost during  their lifetime and that in the USA close to 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year annually. 

A huge part of the AZ CARE mission is education and securing bright futures for the animals within our state. Part of this is empowering our community to know how to protect their pets. 

Know the Pound Seizure Laws for Your State

In Arizona, the law pertaining to  Pound Seizures is 

A.R.S. § 11-1013. This is an important law to know in the event your pet ever gets out and is picked up/turned in to the pound. If your pet is microchipped, they will be held for 120 hours (5 Days) before being listed as available for adoption. If your pet is NOT microchipped they are required to be held for 72 hours unless they are claimed by their owners. 

Take Steps to Protect Your Pet

Microchip Your Pets

No bigger than a grain of rice, this piece of technology can link your pet back to you with a simple scan at a vet’s office. Registered microchips increase the likelihood of your pet being returned to you and they are not costly!

Microchipping is something that can be done at your veterinary office and some pet supply retailers for a small fee (AZ CARE can also do microchipping for a small fee upon request). Also keep and eye out for free microchipping events! Make sure to keep all paperwork with the microchip ID number and register it with your information. Our rescue registers out pets through Found Animals. 

Your pet’s microchip is NOT a GPS. The microchip links back to your information only when scanned by a universal microchip scanner. Vet’s offices will scan microchips for free. 

Consider GPS Pet Solutions 

Tracking your pet from your cell phone has never been more accessible with many GPS solutions available for purchase online. They typically come in the form of a collar or a tag you place on your pet’s collar. 

Here are some options to consider (so many more out there!): 

 Tracking Tags: 

Please comment on your favorite GPS solution below. 


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