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Hello, I’m Achilles

My favorite thing to do is Play hide -n-go seek… Im always the hider. I love to play and chase toys!

What makes me special is I was brought into the rescue when I was only 6 weeks old after having a tragic accident that caused me to break two of my legs and mangle my tail. After many weeks in casts, a tail and a leg amputation, I recovered with only a nubby tail and a hop to show for it. I have always been a little scared of people but a really am sweet inside.

I want my new owner to know I need a home with a LOT of patience. I am not the kind of kitty you bring home and start playing with. I may need weeks to feel safe and comfortable. I scare pretty easy so I will need a quiet home with no dogs or young children. Older teens would be ok. I would do best in a home where I’m the only animal.
Don’t let this scare you off of me! Once I’m sure everything is OK, I am the biggest love bug! I will want to be pet, snuggled, scratched and belly rubbed! My foster mom put her bed on the floor so I wouldn’t hide under there while I was adjusting and it is just low enough that I can climb up. I love to watch TV with my people at night while they give me love. Then I get down and play with all my toys.

When I am feeling playful I like to…I love stuffed mice, anything I can hit and then chase after, krinkle balls and string. I love to chase bottle caps too. When it is time to rest I sleep I sleep on the bed or in my hiding spot. I am not only a 3 legged cat, I’m also a chubby 3 legged cat. I never really got the hang of climbing after my accident. I can do stairs and low shelves but tall cat trees are not recommended. When I get spooked, I dart and if I’m up high…I just face-plant. Grace isn’t in my vocabulary.

I am good with Kids, Cats and I am not good with or unsure around Dogs

By nature I am… Energetic, Playful, Very Shy, Loud, Affectionate.