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Hello, I’m Gina!

My favorite thing to do is: I am a sweet, misunderstood kitty. I may look like I’m plotting your death at all times, but I’m actually figuring out how to get you to pet me at my faintest whim.

What makes me special is: I was returned to the rescue after my previous adopted said I was aggressive. I am in No Way aggressive. I AM very assertive. I like to be the boss. I like to play but I’m an aggressive player. I love to swat at the dog and hiss which may look mean, but if you watch carefully you’ll notice us playing hide and seek, tag and ring around the Rosie around the kitten island.

I want my new owner to know: I do play bite (doesn’t break the skin) and my foster is doing a good job of breaking that habit by offering different toys instead of hands. Due to this, I will NOT be a good fit for a home with small children. I am SUPER affectionate. I love to rub on your legs, snuggle by your side and receive all the many pets.

When I am feeling playful I like to.. (favorite toys): I love to play with the other cats and the dog but they need to be able to tolerate rough play. I always play with balls, string, stuffed mice and dangley toys.

Where do I sleep?: I prefer to sleep where ever you are but any comfy spot will do the trick.

I am good with: Cats and Dogs

It is unknown if I am good with: kids

By nature I am: Cuddly, Playful, Quiet, Affectionate, and Social