Litter Box Training

Litter Box Training

Oh the joys of being a cat owner! It always begins with litter box training. But don’t you worry because thousands of cats have been litter boxed trained, and thousands more will be as well.

Now first things first, before you can actually start litter box training you must make sure you know all the do’s and don’ts of Litter boxes.


DO put the litter box in a calm place that is easy for the cat to reach.

DO place the box, far away from her bed and food.

DO empty the box regularly.

DO scoop the box daily and change the litter as needed.


DON’T use disinfectants or bleach to clean the box because they can be toxic. Always use hot water and a little detergent.

DON’T clean the box if you are pregnant. Have someone else clean it if you can but if you must clean it and are pregnant, use gloves and wash your hands thoroughly.

Now, most cats will generally seek out a sandy, grainy place to do their business but there are things cat owners can do to encourage it as well.

Choosing the right box type and litter is extremely important. Cats are notoriously picky creatures and if there is something they don’t like about their litter box then they won’t use it.

Cats like big, clean spaces to do their business, so keeping a clean box is important. You must also make sure the box is big enough. The box should be approximately one and a half times the length of your cat. It should be scooped out everyday and cleaned once a month. Some cats will prefer enclosed boxes but many will prefer open.

Litter type can also make a difference to your cat. There is clumping and non-clumping, scented and unscented, and many more options. At this point it can be a trial and error finding the best litter for your cat. Most cats aren’t too picky when it comes to litter as long as they can dig and bury their business, but if you have tried everything else and your cat still won’t use the box, then a different type of litter would be your best bet at making it perfect for your feline friend.

To help your cat to use the litter box, place them in the box after naps, meals, play sessions, and just about any other time when you think they appear like they need to “go”.  If you continue this with the first few days and weeks then you will have a litter box trained cat in no time!




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Written By: Mikayla B.  AZ CARE Rescue Intern (June. 2019)

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