Queenie – adopted

Queenie – adopted
Queenie – adopted
Queenie – adopted
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Hi there, I’m Queenie Goldstein

My favorite thing to do is run and play. I just can’t hold still because I am too excited to receive attention from everyone! I love shredding paper and wrestling with my puppy. I like outside in a place called “the backyard” I also love riding in the car but I need to be in a car seat that is safely secured to the back seat. I will go everywhere with you! Shopping, Starbucks for puppuccino’s or DQ for pup cups. I also love chicki nuggies! I enjoy riding in strollers designed for me especially if I will have a large sibling that takes forever on a walk. My little legs get tired.

What makes me special is How loving I am. I love people and I just want to make people happy so I can be loved too! I am loyal and I protect my family from any noises by yelling at it to “GO AWAY!” My foster mom thinks I might be too enthusiastic about it but I think I am a professional and I take my job seriously. I already checked out roomba and the washer & dryer. Just between you and me, they seem okay so I will allow them to do their job in peace. I am also really smart, and my foster mom agrees! I am learning to turn on little puck lights and close cabinet doors that have been left open.

I want my new owner to know I get scared if you lean over me to pick me up or if you yell at me. But once I’m in your arms I am fine. I would do best in a home where my forever mommy or daddy works from home and can be with me all the time. I am learning how to walk with a leash but it is still pretty scary. I am much happier running through the grass in the backyard. I thrive under positive reinforcement and I will suffer and experience set backs if “dominance” or “alpha” style training is used with me. I know how to use potty pads but I am also getting really good at going potty outside instead.

When I am feeling playful I like to Chew on my toys, squeaky, rubber, stuffed, etc… I especially love to open presents. The best ones are in a box, wrapped in PAPER!!! Oh, I am soo excited just thinking about it!

When it’s time to rest, I will sleep right between my forever mommy and daddy and all of my new dog and cat siblings of course! I use a ramp to get on and off the bed. During the day I sleep in a little bed in my massive playpen and sometimes in a bed on the couch. I also love sleeping in my car seat when we drive places.

I am good with Cats and Dogs, and have no real experience around kids, but if they are gentle and kind, I will love and protect them like I do the rest of my family.

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