This Pet is part of the Cat Pawsitive Program!

Thanks to The Jackson Galaxy Project, I am learning all sorts of fun things while I wait to meet my new family!

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I’m Samantha

My favorite thing to do is Play with pipe cleaners. If you have a bag of pipe cleaners put away, I will find them and spread them out all over my room.

What makes me special is That I am a highly sensitive cat. Just call me an HSC. Changes are challenging for me. Loud noises and sudden movements make me nervous. Sometimes my brain goes on overdrive and I run around in circles chasing my tail. Or I run up and down the hallway to get my brain to calm down. Sometimes I like to be pet and sometimes I don’t. I’ll let you know. I will swat or nip you if you don’t heed my body language to stop petting me.

I want my new owner to know That I just want a safe , quiet home. I need my human to read my body language and be respectful of my moods.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Run and play. I like the tunnel and pipe cleaners. When it is time to rest I sleep In my bed or in the cat tree.

 I am not good around [Cats, Dogs, Kids]

By nature I am… [Playful, Loud, Curious, Energetic].