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As a rescue, we are truly honest about the animals in our care. The goal is to find the best fit for a forever home and if we fib about them, the animal will just get returned. That being said, we tend to hype up all the good things and talk down the not so good things. But there are those cases that, well.. read on.

You may have heard of the Grumpy Cat, the World’s Worst Cat and the Utter Bastard of a Cat but let us introduce you to the World’s Most Evil Cat.

Meet Samantha. Samantha believes she is above everyone and everything. She was born on the Poly-Tech campus of ASU so she obviously has a Master’s Degree in being The Queen of Mean. She has the exotic vocals of a banshee with an attitude to match. If you come into her space when you are not welcome, you will hear her mournful wails foretelling of your death. She will actively seek out her victims whether they be feline or canine and take pleasure in their torment which means she needs to be the only pet in the home. She also likes to look out the window and dream of snatching birds out of the sky.

She wants attention on her own terms which can come in waves of pet, pet, bite or pet, pet, scratch. If you are one of the few she allows to be in her presence, count yourself lucky! You may not bleed today! When you prove yourself worthy of her affection, she will join you on the couch to watch tv and allow you to stroke her coat. She also likes to sleep in bed with people, but if you have the gall to snore, she will smack you into silence.

Samantha is not all evil. She loves to play and expects you to join in when she is ready. She loves dangly toys, laser lights and general cat toys. She likes to watch dinner being made and expects pieces to fall at her feet – lobster, salmon, filet mignon… food worth of a high priestess.

If you think yourself worthy of Her Majesty, contact AZCARE to set up a meet and greet. If she allows you to gaze upon her, you may be a match!