Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday
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Howdy Pardner, I’m Doc Holliday

My favorite thing to do is Run, play, explore, chew, well.. Really pretty much anything because I am a puppy!

What makes me special is I am super sweet and loving, and I just want to be with you! I am already doing really well at potty training, and I am VERY SMART!

I want my new owner to know I will need training to make sure I am the best dog I can be, but I am already on my way, so it won’t take much to turn me into an amazing dog! My tail is always wagging and I am a very happy puppy.

When I am feeling playful I like to PLAY! I am pretty much always playful, so I like balls and stuffed toys the most, but being a puppy, I’ll play with anything that is available to me!
When it is time to rest I sleep In my kennel, in a bed. I will need consistency with the kennel, and I do not have any accidents in there, but I do cry for a little bit when you first put me to bed.

I am good with Cats, and Dogs, and I have no experience around kids, but I am a fun-loving puppy, so I am certain that I will be great around them as long as they understand that sudden movements can make me nervous at first!

By nature I am Energetic, Cuddly, Playful, Social, Affectionate, Curious, and I like to be held.

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