Sparrow’s Story

Meet Sparrow: Sparrow is a 2 1/2 year old Golden GSD. Sparrow was surrendered by her owners to PCACC in June with no reason given. According to the shelter staff, when she was surrendered she was a normal, sweet dog.


After she spent a month in the shelter, Sparrow had deteriorated to the point that she was placed on the Euthanasia list because the staff could not put a leash on her, she was extremely fearful, and was beginning to exhibit severe signs of kennel stress.

When we pulled her from the shelter, it was a trial just getting her into the car and then into her foster home. She would scream in terror, but never tried to bite or showed any agression whatsoever. She was mentally an absolute wreck.


We put her in a quiet home where she was decompressing and learning to relax a bit, and gain her trust in humans again.

Her foster had to move and she had to be moved to a new foster home. With that, she experienced another upset and regressed to being fearful and afraid of her own shadow.

We have worked with the vet to help her with her Anxiety, which means that she is currently on a daily regimen of Anti-Anxiety Medication. This, along with slow introductions to new stimuli and changing things around her one step at a time, we hope to get her ready for her forever home within the next year.

We are taking our time with her, and making sure that she is okay with any changes that come into her life and get her back to being the dog that we know she can be.

We made a promise to her that she’ll never be on an elist again.

When she is ready, Sparrow will need time and love to adjust to her new home, but we do know that this sweet girl will make the right family very happy.

If you’re interested in helping with her medical bills, or sponsoring her care, your support would be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot donate, please share her story to help her find her forever home when she is ready for that step.

The picture in the kennel is her freedom ride to her first foster home. The other pictures are in chronological order, with the most recent being from her vet check up on 12/15/2018.


The picture in the kennel is her freedom ride to her first foster home

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