A Christmas Miracle Because of a Microchip

A Christmas Miracle Because of a Microchip

The American Humane Association estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year.

When you choose to microchip your pet you are giving them the best change at finding their way back to you if they ever go missing. When a pet is returned it is a reuniting of a family! Check out this incredible story of one dog’s 7 year journey to being reunited with her family.

Hi Kaylene,

I stopped in to Petsmart in Queen Creek the other day and spoke to your team about finding my little lost black poodle that disappeared over 7 years ago. My daughter, granddaughter and myself were living in Tucson at the time. I bought a black poodle from the Humane Society in Tucson and she went missing shortly after we brought her home. We were very sad about it and combed the neighborhood, put up flyers, called Veterinarian offices, everything we possibly could to find her to no avail.

We moved to San Tan Valley about 6 years ago after a short stint in Mesa. Right before Christmas, 2018, I received a call from a woman in Tucson saying that she found my dog. At first I was confused because I do have a shitzu-poodle mix and a black and white terrier mix at home and I wondered did one of them escape. I asked her to describe the dog and she said it was all black and looked like a poodle. She said she took it to the Vet and they did a micro chip scan and that is how they found me. I was in shock and of course very happy. My daughter was in Tucson the weekend I got the call, so she picked up Nala (A disney name from the Lion King) the next day.

She still looks like a puppy and has adjusted very well to us and our other 2 dogs. I call this our Christmas Miracle. She must have been with another family all this time before she escaped again and thankfully the person that found her took her to the Vet to check the microchip that the Humane Society had put in before she was adopted.

Your photographer has a picture of us when we stopped in at Petsmart in Queen Creek. My daughter took her to the Vet and she is in very good health, so she must have been very well taken care of. This is such a happy and surprising ending.

Thank you,

Jackie B.


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