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ASU Facilities on the Polytechnic campus contacted us to help this sweet kitty! They found her very injured with half of her tail raw and missing. We have taken her into care and we are doing everything  we can to help with her immense pain and are getting her the medical treatment she desperately needs to heal.

Please help us offset the cost of treatment by donating to help her!

As many know, we went from 12 cats to 150 in a little less than 3 weeks’ time. Our resources are currently very strained with this large number of babies and we are asking for your aid. We were at capacity when we were asked to help, but when we saw the condition she  was in we knew that we needed to do whatever it takes to help her. She is the sweetest cat and will make some family very happy, but first she needs our help. Anything you can give helps!

————— UPDATE 5/23 ————————-

Today Peralta had her follow up appointment with her surgeon two weeks after her tail amputation surgery. Her surgery was a complete success thanks to the skillful vet’s at Arizona Animal Wellness Center. It has been two weeks since her surgery and the surgeon says she is healing beautifully. Her tail stitched should fall out within a week as long as nothing gets inflamed or too irritated. Thank you for all of your amazing generosity in helping offset the cost of this sweet kitty’s surgery!

————— UPDATE 5/6 1:22pm ————————-

Peralta saw the vet today. What remains of her tail is in rough shape. The end has two spot of bone infections and the base is dislocated. This explains her intense wails while we tried to change the bandage. She is such a trooper though! She will need the tail amputated. She will be seeing the vet again for her surgery. She is being picked up right now to come home.

————— UPDATE 5/6 10:30am ————————-

She is sooo sweet but has had a pretty drastic injury. Her tail had been caught by something and half was gone. What is left, half was necrotic and infected. We cleaned it is best we could due to her pain and wrapped it. Last night for a dressing change and she just screamed in pain. Turned out the necrotic tissue had all come off and was rotted in the bandage. The rest of the remaining tail has basically been skinned and is raw. We cleaned her up again and re-bandaged until her vet visit this morning at Arizona Animal Wellness Center. We believe there is more damage underlying.
She needed to be wrapped tight and held down for all of this and she screamed when we touched her tail.  Once everything was done, she came out of the blanket and just wanted to be pet and loved.

Anything Helps! We will share more information as we have a treatment plan from the vet.



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