June Purr-esident’s Press

June Purr-esident’s Press

For the June edition of Purr-esidents Press, we are going to talk about some pure generosity we encountered.  Recently we were contacted by a lovely woman named Jennifer who needed help.  Her mother had passed away and the house they lived in was being sold.  She had a large number of cats that she would not be able to bring with her on her next journey in life and wanted to see if we could find them good homes.

Luckily, kitten season hadn’t quite hit us yet and we had the room to take them.  She was thrilled, and we were happy to help.  We have found homes for a few of her beloved kitties and are still on the hunt for a couple others (Check out our available cats to see these sweeties).

She decided to show her appreciation in a big way.  On top of a generous cash donation, she donated all the no longer needed feline items including 6 cat trees, beds, blankets, litter boxes and many more things that were very needed by our fosters.  After she moved out of her home, she came back to us with large amounts of cleaning supplies as well! Anyone who fosters knows cleaning products are in high demand.

She then went above and beyond!

Jennifer, as it happens, is a talented artist and had years of paintings in her home.  These bright, boldly colored renderings, many of which feature cats, were offered to us to auction off and raise money for the rescue!  We will be setting up a new tab on our page to show the paintings and lead you to the auction page so keep an eye out!

We would just like to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Jennifer for all she has done for AZCARE Rescue and for also knowing what was best for her babies and allowing us the honor of finding them new forever homes.

When we help others, we are helped in return.  We don’t always receive items or money, although these things are always needed when you’re running a rescue.  Sometimes it’s the grateful faces of those we helped. The little life that we struggled to save running into the arms of their new owners.  The look of pure joy we see on an adopter’s face when they have chosen “the one”.  The tears of absolute love coming from that little girl or boy as they carry their new furry friend home. THAT is what it’s all about!  THAT is why we do what we do!

-But of course we will NEVER turn down dog/cat food and litter!

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