Feb. Purr-esident’s Press

Feb. Purr-esident’s Press

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first edition of “Purr-esident’s Press,” I am Kaylene Pearce, the President of AZCARE Rescue, and I want to welcome you all to the new and improved rescue. Over the past year, we have made immense changes to our organization and have restructured the way we conduct business, as well as new staff to help lead our efforts. We are now striving to make our rescue more streamline.  We want to have better communication with the community, our partners, other rescues and our own rescue family.

My priority as President was to have a Board of Directors that had the same values, integrity, and ambition that I have, while also bringing new skills, ideas, and creativity to the table. This way, we can tackle a lot of projects at once and make more of an impact. That was most certainly accomplished!  Please welcome our crew!

Kaylene Pearce – our President joined the rescue in 2014, became a board member in 2015 and took over in 2018.  I am the “kitty guru.”  Besides handling the overall workings of the rescue, I handle all things cat related.

Alexander Wright – our Vice President is an NAU Graduate with a Bachelor’s in Public Administration, which offers the ability to bring in a broader spectrum of people and the youth aspect we needed. His fresh ideas and outlooks are things we were profoundly lacking.

Crystal Buckey – our Treasurer, handles all things money related for the rescue.  She has the know how to keep our funds in check and enable us to continue saving lives.  She’s also our resident “dog guru” handling everything in the rescue about our pups.

Tammy Wheeler – our Secretary, is my life saver.  She is tackling a lot of the paperwork, microchipping and records it takes to keep a rescue alive.  People have no idea how much paperwork is involved in a rescue!

And, although they are not on the Board, I would be severely lax in leaving out three of our most precious volunteers!

Linda and Peter Smith – are our keepers of the phone.  The angelic voices you will hear when you call in can answer most of the questions you may have or get the answer if they can’t.  They have also made themselves available to do many of the adoptions at our Queen Creek Petsmart habitat.

Breanna Wright – the creativity behind AZCARE!  She is our technical guru!  Recreating our entire website, advertising, making rescue ornaments to gather funds, redoing our community handouts, and offering hundreds of outstanding ideas to make us great are only of few of her attributes.

In future additions of our newsletter, we hope to inform you of our continuing efforts to save lives, educate the community and make families whole by adding a furry member.

We hope that you will reach out to us if you have questions or would like more information on our animals or our rescue in general including ways to help us on our mission.  Please let us know if you would like to see information in future newsletters on animal related subjects including kitten season, diseases, training, and so on.  We love educating the public!

Make sure to check it out at www.azcarerescue.org.  The new integrations and visualizations are outstanding.

Kaylene Pearce

President |AZ Center for Animal Rescue & Education |AZ CARE


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