Tippy – Adopted

Tippy – Adopted
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I am a sweet but shy little gal. I have a soft meow and dainty purr. I get along with other cats but have never been around dogs.

But guess what??I really enjoy playin with my foster kitty siblings. They have been teaching me how to play with different toys..

I am discovering how much fun these toys are and it’s blowing my mind! I also really enjoy sitting on the couch with my foster family. They are so patient with me, it’s giving me courage to grow into a brave kitty.

Something cool about me is come with accessories! I have a sleeping bag That I love to crawl in and a stuffed animal that has been my friend for a few months. I sure do Love my special toys..

I want my new owner to know I was found as a small kitten, but was kept in a small space so I get nervous around big open spaces at first. It may take me time to get used to having a lot of space to roam. However, if you give me a small spot to hide with my sleeping bag and stuffed animal, I will come out of my shell. Once I’m comfortable I really am a sweetheart. I love a good chin scratch and my nose rubbed. I am not thrilled with my tummy being rubbed but you can pet my head all day, everyday! I also like treats!.

My favorite toy is my string, but I also really like the laser pointer.. When it is time to rest I like to sleep in a small cozy spot on or in my sleeping bag..

I am good with[Cats], and I have no experience around [Dogs, Kids].

By nature I am… [Very Shy, Quiet, Curious, I do not like to be held, Affectionate].

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