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My favorite thing to do is… I am loving the indoor life! I was an outdoor kitty at a trailer park. I was rescued with a few of my friends. I went to a foster home and she let he sit on her bed! Oh my it was heaven! The bed is my new favorite spot in the whole house! If you have a cozy bed with lots of soft blankets then I am the cat for you!

I want my new owner to know… I am so sweet and cuddly. I’ll sleep by you and if you fall asleep while petting me, I’ll give your hand kisses till you start petting me again. I’m pretty and pretty friendly.

What makes me special is… I am a purr machine. I will purr when you scratch my ears and head. I love my belly rubbed. I’ll even start purring if you talk to me. I just love to be the center of your attention. So much so, I can be a bit jealous if some other kitty gets your attention.

Tips From the Foster

When I am feeling playful I like to…

I do play with string on a stick and feather toys.

I love to sleep right in the middle of the bed. I’ll also sleep on anything that is soft and cuddly.

I am good with


It is unknown if I am good with