My Birthday:


Estimated Available Date:


My favorite thing to do is Like my ancestors I like to make my presence know by meowing until I either get picked up by the large people or one of the adult cats decides to play with me. just kidding – Mom picks me up1

What makes me special is My markings are still coming out, I am going to be quite the handsome dude once all my colors flash.

I want my new owner to know While you are sleeping I be on the lookout.

When I am feeling playful I like to…

My preferred method of handling is to be scooped up with two hands while my head and eras are rubbed. I stretch out and relax. I will not let that coiled up blue snake thing attack you. When it is time to rest I sleep All over the house

I am good with[Cats], and I have no experience around [dogs, kids]

By nature I am… [Energetic].