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Meet, I’m Sandshrew

My favorite thing to do is beg for treats! I really like the crunchy treats with s soft middle. When you cone into the room I’ll run up to you and ask for one. I also like to play and to get nice cheek and bsck scratches.

What makes me special is I was trapped outside a storm drain in a park. It wasn’t a safe place for me, and the monsoon storms were crazy, so I was brought inside to begin what my foster family calls “The Taming of the Sandshrew”. Ive never been a mean kitty, not ever, but at first I was terrified! Fortunately my foster family has a nice grown kitty that helped show me how nice it is to be an indoor pampered pet. Now that I’m over most of my fear I love to be with nice people.

I want my new owner to know I still get startled by big noises or fast movements, so I’d do best in a calm home. I get along fine with older children, but the young ones frighten me and I hide. I like friendly cats. I’ve only seen a dog a couple times so far and he was small and quiet so I didn’t mind him.

When I am feeling playful I like to…run,pounce, leap! I love chasing dangly wand toys or jingle bell balls. I like catnip mice and cat trees. When it is time to rest I sleep Curled up in cozy spaces. I like cat trees with cubby holes.

I am good with Cats, Dogs, Kids

By nature I am… Energetic, Playful, Shy, Curious.