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Howdy, I’m Daniella

My favorite thing to do is Run, and jump and play! I have a keen sense of finding anything that moves and I love to pounce on it! I should be a soccer player because I love to roll the ball (or anything that rolls) up and down the hall and chase it all by myself! I also love to play with my kitty friends! It’s so fun to try and keep up and chase attack their tails as they are laying down!

What makes me special is When I was rescued, I was pretty sick. I was really skinny and could hardly eat anything! But I am a fighter. I took my medicine every day and came back to be a fun and healthy kitten again. As much as I love to play- I love to plop
down next to my favorite humans as well! I am such a sweet kitty. Whenever I hear people
Come home- I run to them because I look forward to their snuggles!

I want my new owner to know I have a really sweet disposition. I’m not as hyper as most other kittens. I love my chin scratched and my belly rubbed. I sleep in the funniest positions and always make my fosters laugh. I get carried around a lot of the day by little kids.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Chase balls, strings, other kittens, or anything else that moves! When it is time to rest I sleep I sleep whenever is most comfortable to me! Blankets on the floor or the couch – are usually my go tos!

I am good with Cats, Dogs, Kids

By nature I am… Playful, Social, Affectionate, Curious, I like to be held.