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Sammalamadingdong had a positive test for FeLv and will need to be the only cat in his adoptive home or only in a home with other FeLv + cats. To learn more about FeLv click here.

Hello, I’m Sammalamadingdong

My favorite thing to do is cuddle!!

What makes me special is no matter what I am doing if you want to love on me I will take it. I absolutely love to cuddle.

I want my new owner to know I need a little help taking care of my fluffy coat. My foster mom says because I am such a cuddle bug brushing my coat is relaxing for both of us.

When I am feeling playful I like to…play with all my fosters. Chasing and wrestling is so much fun. When it is time to rest I sleep curled up on a comfy blanket in my kitty tower.

I have no experience around dogs, kids and can be around other FeLV+ cats

By nature I am… Cuddly, Playful, Social, Loud, I like to be held, Affectionate.

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