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Hello, I’m McGonagall

My favorite thing to do is be with people! I’m a very affectionate kitty. I trill hello and wind my way into my favorite people’s las. I whip my tail around like a dog when am looking for attention. I’d do great in a family where there are several people for je to love. I love people of all ages.

What makes me special is I was being fed and loved on by a large family with a lit if children, but I guess they didn’t really consider me their kitty as much as I thought they were my people because when they moved they forgot me.
I was very confused and very hungry and I got really skinny. A neighboring family took me in and fattened me up a little, then I fattened up a lot and had six babies, even though I’m still pretty much a baby myself! I was a really good mama, and the people who took me in took great care of me and my babies, but they couldn’t keep me forever. That’s how I came to be with AZCare Rescue. My kittens are old enough to find their own families, and now I really want one, too. One where I can stay and love some people that love me, too, and will always keep me.

I want my new owner to know I’ve still got some kitten in me and I like to play. The vet guesses that I’m about a year old. I loooove those crunchy treats with the soft middles. I follow treats like dogs do and could probably be trained to do tricks for them.
I’m a lap kitty and I lean in for cheek and chin scratches.
I like other friendly kitties. I’m a little defensive around dogs, but with a slow introduction they might be ok too. I don’t want to be chased.

When I am feeling playful I like to…bat at wand toys and carry catnip mice. When it is time to rest I sleep on high perches, in soft kitty beds, or right up next to you, purring in by your side.

I am good with Cats, Kids, and I have no experience around dogs

By nature I am… Cuddly, Social, Curious.


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