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Salutations, I’m Lincoln

My favorite thing to do is have my face printed on all the pennies! Or maybe I haven’t reached that level of fame yet. What I really like to do is rub up against my favorite humans and lick their faces. Mmm, salty!

What makes me special is I am a former barn kitty. The barn owners decided I needed a chance to be a pampered indoor pet, and I agree! I love people, especially ones that bring me treats! I like to snuggle and I’m super soft. Weird thing is, though, that even though I’m super affectionate, I don’t really like to be picked up. You don’t really need to pick me up though, I follow my favorite people everywhere on my own!

I want my new owner to know I get startled over new things sometimes and hiss, but when I do I’m more scared than scary. I hissed at a cat I didn’t know, but he turned out to be really nice. I hissed at the dog, but he’s pretty chill and so now I don’t mind him. It takes me a minute, but in the end I’m ready to be friends with most anybody. I get along with kids but my foster family recommends kids over ten since I still get startled by quick and loud movements. My best bud currently is my brother, Washington.

When I am feeling playful I like to…play with another kitty or bat at any toys with feathers. I like to pounce and wrestle. When it is time to rest I sleep I was brought inside on the 4th of July, so being inside has meant I got to be cozy during all this crazy monsoon weather, and boy do I like to be cozy. I love soft blankets and good chin scratches. I like to sleep curled up anywhere soft. I like anything from high perches to warm laps.

I am good with[Cats, Dogs, Kids]

By nature I am… [Energetic, Cuddly, I do not like to be held].