Jill Munroe

Jill Munroe
Jill Munroe
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Hello, I’m Jill Monroe

My favorite thing to do is explore with my siblings!

What makes me special is I am so soft and sweet once you earn my trust.

I want my new owner to know I need an owner who is kind and patient, and understands that I am very shy, even as a kitten. I love smelly treats and will learn to trust you most with their help, but it takes me more time than my siblings. My foster family has worked hard with me in order to help me come out of my shell and I now come up to them on my own and love to get my shoulders massaged. I get scared when you’re standing over me and reaching down, and will run, but if you’re sitting down or crouched down, I will come to you. Because of this, a home with kids would likely not be my best placement.

When I am feeling playful I like to play with balls, strings, cords, bags, my siblings! When it is time to rest I sleep in the cat tree, on a shelf, on the floor, or in a tunnel.

I am good with Cats and Dogs, and I have no experience around kids.

By nature I am Energetic, Playful, Shy, Quiet, I do not like to be held.


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