Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper
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Howdy, I’m Dr Pepper

My favorite thing to do is be around people! I am the cutest curious cuddler!

What makes me special is I am one of the 9 soda babies! I am the most people-centered and curious, in-your stuff of them all. Mt Dew is my favorite dude, we are besties.

I want my new owner to know The soda babies were all born in our Foster’s home, our sister-Moms are Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. They grew up at an Assisted-care home in Phoenix and were lovingly cared for by some ladies and surrendered to the rescue when they realized both of them were pregnant.

I love my siblings and would love to have a friend like Dew to play with. Take two, we’re cute!

When I am feeling playful I like to…I love to play with my bell balls and crinkle toys. I chase the triple ball tower and bottle caps too! Empty boxes are great hiding spots! When it is time to rest I sleep I love to find a friend a cuddle in my cat bed, or on the cat tree.

I am good with Cats, Kids, and I have no experience around dogs

By nature I am… Energetic, Playful, I like to be held.


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