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Good day friends, I’m Canary!

My favorite thing to do is Curl up with my favorite people. I’m a sweet, cuddly boy. Got an empty lap? I’ll be your TV watching, work from home, or gaming buddy.

What makes me special is I was adopted from AZCare as a kitten, but was recently found roaming in a neighborhood far from my original address. The adopters were contacted using the information on my microchip, but they did not respond. I don’t know why my former family members weren’t responsive. I’m such a nice cat!

I want my new owner to know I was cat selective in a foster environment. I liked kittens and another mellow cat, bit when introduced to an environment with a lot of cats, I was defensive. I may do fine with another mellow cat or two, but more than that would be stressful for me. When I am feeling playful I like to… explore. When it is time to rest I sleep In soft cozy hideaways or in your lap.

I am good with Kids, Cats and I have no experience around dogs

By nature I am…Cuddly, Quiet.

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