Will Treaty

Will Treaty
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Hello, I am Will Treaty

My favorite thing to do is… curl up in cozy places or wrestle with my siblings.

What makes me special is… I am a beautiful boy with an endearing sweetness.

I want my new owner to know… I came from an outdoor feral cat colony. I am learning that being in a human home is awesome. I get good food and lots of toys. My mama cat taught me to hide from everything, and I still do that some. I do lean in for a good cheek scratch, and I’m learning that people are actually fun to be around. I have just begun purring for people. I need an adoptive family that is willing to get beyond my initial tendency to hide and seek out the real sweetness in me.
I like other friendly cats, and having a social cat to show me the ropes would be beneficial for me. If you don’t have a pal for me already, my brother’s, Halt and Horace, are social, friendly kitties and either of them would be a great bud for me.

When I am feeling playful I like to.. (favorite toys): chase kitty springs or mice, or wrestle with another kitten.

Where do I sleep? in a cuddle puddle with other friendly kitties or in a soft bed.

I am good with: Cats and Kids

It is unknown if I am good with: dogs

By nature I am… Shy and Curious