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Hi there, I’m Wilbur

My favorite thing to do is Play with anything that moves and then find someone to snuggle next to! I love to explore. I usually end up in the room that my people are in because I just love their company.

What makes me special is When I first started living with my foster family, I was nervous. But after being there for a few days, I realized how much I love people and I’m not afraid anymore. I just want to be with you and my brother and sisters (Frankie, Corbin, and Little mama). I love to play and because I have an adventurous spirit, I have leaned that the vacuum cleaners and the family dog aren’t scary anymore.

I want my new owner to know That I am such a love. I’m around kids all day and they carry me all the time. I do hide when I’ve had too much attention from the young. But I will search people out. I just want to be with you!

When I am feeling playful I like to…Run and play with my siblings!!! I love to run full
Blast all over the house! When it is time to rest I sleep Right now I sleep in the bathroom on a comfy bed of blankets. But I would be happier if I could sleep out on the couch or even in a bed with you!

I am good with[Cats, Kids, Dogs]