My Birthday:


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My favorite thing to do is cuddle. My favorite place is in my humans lap, getting my head scratched and purring. I am the responsible one of my litter. I am always cleaning my siblings and keeping them warm.

What makes me special is that I a super sweet. I love my people and want to be with them all the time. I am a good girl, I use the litter box perfectly and keep myself groomed at all times.

I want my new owner to know that I am a cuddler. I can’t help but purr, whenever I am picked up. I have to admit that my foster families big golden retriever made me a little nervous at first, but we got used to each other. I still keep my distance but he doesn’t stop me from going wherever I want.

When I am feeling playful I like to…

Play with my toys. I like balls and string the most. When my crazy brothers are wrestling, I love to watch from the sidelines. Sometimes I just have to jump in and show the boys how it’s done. When it is time to rest I sleep I can, and do sleep anywhere but my favorite is snuggled up with my siblings or my foster family. I love to lay on my back while I get a tummy rub, that always puts me right to sleep.

I am good with[Cats, Dogs, Kids]

By nature I am… [Cuddly, Playful, Quiet, Affectionate, Curious, I like to be held].