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Howdy, I’m Tootsie

My favorite thing to do is Play, explore, and cuddle with my kitty friends. When I have had enough playing, you can find me back on my bed sound asleep and getting ready to go and play again.

What makes me special is I find great enjoyment in hiding and pouncing on my unsuspecting kitty friends! I love to play with toys and I also like to sit back and observe what’s going on. I sleep best when I have a kitty to snuggle into.

I want my new owner to know I love to explore. I’m one of the first ones out of the bathroom in the morning when we are allowed to roam around. I’m very curious and enjoy finding new places. Loud noises do startle me and I will quickly find a place to hide. I love kids and I don’t mind dogs in the room with me. But I don’t like it when they get into my Personal space! I am beautiful and fluffy and everyone that meets me just oohs and awes!

When I am feeling playful I like to…Chase anything that moves! Balls, string, fingers, you name it! I love the cat tree and climbing it as fast as I can! When it is time to rest I sleep I sleep on soft blankets made into a bed in the bathroom. I really love having a friend to snuggle with.

I am good with[Cats, Kids, Dogs]

By nature I am… [Shy, Curious, Playful].