My Birthday:


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My favorite thing to do is… Nap and saunter around the house showing off my glorious fur coat. I am quite the looker you know and am ever so dainty! I also enjoy seeking out affection from my humans and feline companions. My feline friends are my absolute favorites, but don’t you worry, I will ask my humans for love too. I keep it in my terms though to keep you coming back for more, hard to get as it were.

I want my new owner to know… I am a social kitty, but not a hold me cat. I enjoy being social in the home, but I like to keep things on my terms. In my past life humans were not always the kindest so though I like to be in proximity to my humans I do tend to spook and run away if someone is being sketchy. However, I do not have a mean bone in my tiny body.

What makes me special is… I am so petite! I am a full grown adult cat yet still very tiny. My fluff makes me look bigger then I am. My foster dad says I’m a trophy cat, gorgeous to have in the home. I was a mamma to four beautiful kittens and now that they have all been adopted, I am looking for the purrrfect family for myself.

Tips From the Foster

When I am feeling playful I like to…


**I sleep: ** I sleep cuddled up with one of the other adult kitties in the house. I also will sleep in the cubby of my foster mom’s desk while she works.

I am good with


I am unsure around/not good with


It is unknown if I am good with