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Meet Shyly!

My favorite thing to do is Roll around on the floor like a dog. And snuggle snuggle snuggle with someone who shows me love and a safe place.

What makes me special is I’m a little shy but I am the biggest love bug you’ve ever pet! My foster says that I’m kind of like a baby and she loves that I love to snuggle and lay on her lap. Oh and boy, can I eat! I also love to play and I’m quick, so quick that I can run up walls and leap over tunnels with a single bound! So it’s a good thing our foster has a American ninja warrior set up for me😻

I want my new owner to know I love to watch CatTv and I really love to be around lots of love and not lots of scary noises because it makes me feel startled and afraid… some loud sounds I can get used to as long as I know I have a safe place to run and hide and that the sound won’t hurt me. Cats can hear higher frequencies, Precisely 1.6 octaves higher then humans so just imagine lol

When I am feeling playful I like to…Roll around next to my human. I also like attention so if you’re on your phone I might nudge it out of my way and out of your hand, so hold on tight, because nobody puts baby in a corner, NOBODY! 😂 When it is time to rest I sleep With my human in a soft safe space.

I am good with Cats, Kids and I have no experience around dogs

By nature I am… Affectionate, Shy, Playful, Cuddly.