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Hello, I’m Obi-wan

My favorite thing to do is eat! I’m a growing kitty boy and I like food so much I climb in the bowl.

What makes me special is I’m gorgeous. I know, I know. Everyone says I look like a Maine Coon. Who knows? I might have some of that in me. Mostly I’m just a ton of amazing fluff, and basedon my size now I’m going to be a pretty big cat. Maybe even huge.

I want my new owner to know I was born at a lumberyard. A nice employee there fed me and found the rescue to take care of me. I am still a bit shy, but feed me a few times and I come around and will run to you for treats and petting. I like the older children at my foster home, but little kids move a bit fast and unpredictability and that’s scary to me. I looove other friendly cats and will follow them around. I’m starting to learn that some dogs are ok.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Wrestle with another kitty or play with kitty spring toys. When it is time to rest I sleep Anywhere cozy. I like soft rugs and comfy beds.

I am good with Cats, Dogs, Kids

By nature I am… Curious, Playful, Quiet.