New York Beauty

New York Beauty

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Introducing, New York Beauty

My favorite thing to do is bask in the noon day sun. I love my window seat. I like to relax in a sunny spot and just chill. Being pet though, that is my most favorite thing of all.

What makes me special is I’m a tiny girl, just a peanut of a thing- I had a rough start but now… I’m a love. I can be pet all day long. I don’t necessarily need a pet friend, I can entertain myself. I love the crinkly tunnel, and an empty box to play in. The other cats in my foster’s home are ok. I can play- but I’m ok all alone too. The chihuahuas, meh- they’re ok, too. I’m a people kinda girl. They pet me 😉

I want my new owner to know What can I say- I like attention. I will meow for food in the morning, and nudge your hand when I want some pets. I will also admit to being a little “food motivated”. I will do just about anything for meat. Chicken, turkey, steak- you name it. Oh, and the wet kitten food, that too. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted something so yummy.

When I am feeling playful I like to…chase my tail! I flip and flop all around, but can’t catch that thing! I love to birdwatch too. I play in empty boxes and crinkly tunnels. The ball spinner is pretty fun too. When it is time to rest I sleep on the chair, just under the table or up in my window seat.

I am good with Cats and I have no experience around dogs, kids

By nature I am… Cuddly, Affectionate, I like to be held.