Mama Olive

Mama Olive


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Hi there, I’m Mama Olive!

My favorite thing to do is Wander around and explore. I am naturally curious so it’s fun for me to see what is happening around.

What makes me special is I was rescued from a rooftop where I was trying to find a safe place to have my babies. I was so scared when I first got to my foster family. But I never hissed, growled or bit. I just hid my face. I learned that I loved my cheeks and my chin rubbed and I started purring pretty quickly. It took me a few days to feel secure but once I did, I wanted to explore but I always kept an eye on my sweet babies. I do spook with loud noises and will run and ride but I don’t stay hidden for long. I’ll come back out to be by you.

I want my new owner to know I will be a wonderful cat and member of your family. I am good with kids. I love to be by you and rub up on your legs. I roll on my back and purr when you pet my belly. I don’t love to be held and will squirm until you put me down, but I love to be around you and feel your love. I am such a sweet mama to my babies and have taken wonderful care of them. I am very sweet!

When I am feeling playful I like to…play with my babies. I am more of an observer than a playful cat right now. When it is time to rest I love to sleep in the cat tree or under the desk where I can feel safe and secure.

I am good with Kids and I have no experience around dogs, cats

By nature I am… Shy, Affectionate, Curious, I do not like to be held.