Lord Garmadon

Lord Garmadon
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Meet Lord Garmadon

My favorite thing to do is watch others. I am very observant. I am curious about what everyone is doing and will come check it out. What are you watching? What are you eating? What are you playing with? I want to see.

What makes me special is I came from an outdoor colony where a nice lady began to feed us and take care of our needs. She identified that my brothers and I were prime candidates for an indoor life, so she brought us in out of the cold and brought us to AZCare Rescue. I like being inside and cozy.

I want my new owner to know that people say I look like Batman. I look kinda broody like him. I have a deep, throaty meow that makes the kids in my foster family giggle. I’m fine with gentle kids and friendly cats, but startle and hide when chased or with big our loud movements so not recommended for toddlers. I’m being gradually introduced to dogs. I’m not quite ready to be best buds with them, but making progress so there is potential.

When I am feeling playful I like to…swat at dangly toys or zoom around with another kitty. When it is time to rest I sleep I like to sleep in window sills or in cozy places.

I am good with[Cats, Dogs, Kids]

By nature I am… [Quiet, Curious].