Little mama

Little mama
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Hello, I’m Little Mama

My favorite thing to do is Run and play with my siblings (Corbin, Wilbur and Frankie). I am still a Little shy from being outside on our own for 10 weeks. So having them around me makes me happy.

What makes me special is When I first went to my foster family I was terrified and hid as much as I could. I have learned over the last few weeks that I like living in a home and I don’t have to be as nervous. I am still very shy. I like people to move slowly toward me to hold me. But once I know you- I will purr a lot and show you that I love to have my chin rubbed. I like quiet homes more but I live with 3 little kids now and am learning to get used to the noise! I also have recently decided that I don’t need to be scared of the dog!

I want my new owner to know I really am very sweet. Just show me a lot of love and you will get to know the real me. I really am happiest when I have one of my brothers or sister with me. We were together for a long time and I hope I can stay with one of them or at least have another kitty friend. When I’m comfortable, you will see my super playful side! I love to run full blast and play with toys.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Chase other kitties and anything that moves. I love to hide and jump out. When it is time to rest I sleep At night I sleep in the bathroom on soft blankets but during the day, I love to cuddle up somewhere warm and quiet- often in piles of clothing and cuddled up with another kitty.

I am good with[Cats, Dogs, Kids]