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Hello, I’m Lisbeth

My favorite thing to do is I really like to be with people. I like to sit with you and watch movies and I curl up to sleep with my family at night. I

What makes me special is I am about one year old, but I am tiny. I have medium-length black hair that will show brown undertones in the right light. I have the floofiest tail! It doesn’t match my slender body.

I want my new owner to know I am very social with people and I am very tolerant of kind children. I started off with some tiny humans and did well with them. In my second foster home, I really love the 14 year old boy that pays me lots of attention. I get along well with the gentle dog in my foster home. I think I will get along with nice kitties, but the cats in my foster home are too self-important and aloof to try to engage with me…whatevs!

When I am feeling playful I like to…I like to play with small plush toys I can carry in my mouth, but I really love the plastic spring toys I can bat around the house. I will also chase things that roll. When it is time to rest I sleep In my foster home I sleep with the 14 year old boy that I adore so much. I get to curl up with him and sleep on his head or smashed against his legs.

I am good with Dogs, Kids and I have no experience around cats

By nature I am… Social, Affectionate, I like to be held, Cuddly.