Leo Leon

Leo Leon
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Hello, I’m Leo Leon

My favorite thing to do is play with my brother Dumplin. We love chasing each other all over our room. Through the tunnels, on the bed, especially in the empty boxes.

What makes me special is how fluffy I am and all my cool fur markings.

I want my new owner to know that I can be a little shy, but give me just a little time and I know we will be best friends.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Chase and wrestle with my brother. I love the laser pointer, and playing with foil crunchy balls. When it is time to rest I sleep I love to sleep in a big pile of soft blankets, usually in a little ball.

I am good with[Cats], I am not good with or unsure around [Dogs], and I have no experience around [kids]

By nature I am… [Playful, Shy, Quiet, Curious].