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Meet Kuro

My favorite thing to do is Sleep on my “mom’s” bed; whether she’s on it or not! My fur is black and she has black beds sheets so sometimes I blend right in. 😂

What makes me special is For some reason I haven’t grown as fast as my step-siblings but I am active and healthy!

I want my new owner to know That I love play toys! While I may come out a little slower from my hidey spots, if you drag a toy on a string across the floor, I’ll pounce on it!

When I am feeling playful I like to…I love toys on strings. I love to wrestle with my siblings and I’m usually the first to attack. 🤫 When it is time to rest I sleep I sleep alone on a soft comfy bed. I like to play on my tower, but I don’t usually sleep there.

I am good with[Kids, Cats], I am not good with or unsure around [Dogs]

By nature I am… [Energetic, Playful].