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My favorite thing to do is Play with my brother Zack.

What makes me special is my brother Zack and I were adopted together when we were just a few months old. Unfortunately our family had a baby recently and he developed an allergy to cats and we had to be returned. I am Very scared right now as I a trying to figure out what happened to my family. However, I look to my brother Zack to comfort me and help me. I have relaxed a little bit and have begun purring as well.

I want my new owner to know Even though I am scared right now, I am still very sweet. I absolutely love being around kids! I will rub up against them and crawl into their laps and start purring! If you will be patient with me- knowing that I just need to get comfortable again- I will be the best kitty. I hope to get adopted with my brother Zack because we have always been together and really look to each other to get through things.

When I am feeling playful I like to…play with my brother Zack. We run, play, and chase each other. We are so cute and fun to watch. We just entertain each other! When it is time to rest I sleep right now we sleep in a bedroom together- cuddled up.

I am good with[Kids], I am not good with or unsure around [Cats, Kids]

By nature I am… [Very Shy, Quiet, Curious].