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Salutations, I’m Tallulah

My favorite thing to do is Play with other kittens! I have a very playful and silly personality. I love every cat toy that is out there!

What makes me special is I am a very shy kitty. It is taking me a longer time to warm up to my foster family. I want to but I’m just still nervous with loud noises. I absolutely love treats! Treats are the way to my heart and will get me to warm up faster. I am beautiful!

I want my new owner to know I am such a cute kitten. I have such a fun personality. I will do best in a quieter home. The lady who found me had a very quiet home and I was really affectionate with her. In my new foster home, I am still quite shy because it is much louder there.. I will need someone who is patient with me and will understand why I am nervous. My favorite kitty friend is Hero. He is also up for adoption. I love to run and play and cuddle with him. I will not do well with little kids. The noise is too scary for me.

When I am feeling playful I like to… Find any toy that I can. I will turn anything that I find on the floor into a toy. And I love playing with other kitty friends. When it is time to rest I sleep I love the cat tree. I feel comfortable being up high and snuggling down into it.

I am good with Cats, Dogs

By nature I am…Energetic, Playful, Very Shy, Quiet.