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Good day, friends! I’m Charlene!

My favorite thing to do is: I love to play! I make friends with everyone. Sometimes it takes a minute but eventually we become pals. I adore toys! And wrestling the other kitties

What makes me special is: I was returned after a major injury. My foster mom has been diligently taking care of me and healing my wounds. I never let it get me down. If it wasn’t for the bandages, you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong.

I want my new owner to know: I am a ball of energy and very vocal. If you go to bed without me, I will protest at your door until you let me in. I would also like to mention that I’ve made a bestie here at my foster home. His name is Achilles (look him up under available cats). We have a fantastic relationship. He is super shy around humans but loves me a lot. He is not mean at all, just gets scared easily but I know he loves climbing into bed at night for cuddles too. If you are interested in getting two, might I suggest we come as a set? This is NOT required. I can be adopted on my own. Just a gentle nudge. My foster mom wants me to let you know she would donate a portion of Achilles adoption if we go together.

When I am feeling playful I like to.. (favorite toys): SPRINGS! The kitty springs are my absolute favorite toy. One of those can keep me going most of the day. I also like squishy balls, bells, string and of course the other animals , including humans, in the house.

Where do I sleep? In bed with you or you will hear my wrath!

I am good with: Cats, Dogs, and Kids

By nature I am: Energetic, Cuddly, Playful, Social, Loud, Affectionate, Curious, and I like to be held.