My Birthday:


Estimated Available Date:


My favorite thing to do is snuggle with you. I love being with male human especially. I like to rub my head on his beard. I also love to be outside on my leash. I am a born watch kitty. I like going from window to window to see what is outside. I will sit by the screen door and look outside at all the birds. I love to play with my toys too. Springs are my favorite, but I enjoy a game of laser chase too.


What makes me special is I am very smart and enjoy my humans. I am definitely a people kitty. I like routines. I enjoy my wet food in the morning and having my bed available so I can turn in when I want to. I’m told I am a love bug.


I want my new owner to know that I do not like other cats. I want to be the only cat in the house. I will go after them if I see them. The only other cats I have accepted into my world were two kittens that were bottle fed at my house. I grew to love them, but it took time. Once I realized they were ok, I did everything I could to keep them safe and loved on them as if I was their momma. I do love kittens! My new owner should also know that I love being outside on my leash, but make sure you watch me because I will try to get off of it to run. I like to chase things like birds, geckos, etc. I like to open doors and will run outside if the opportunity arises, so I will keep you on your toes. I also do not like car rides. I will cry the entire time if you try to take me somewhere.


When I am feeling playful I like to…

chase my springs, balls, mouse toys. I love to run and jump. My favorite things is cuddling with my human. There is nothing better than to curl up on someone’s lap or shoulder. I love being warm. I am an Arizona kitty for sure! If there is a warm spot, I’m there!


When it is time to rest I sleep I love my bed. I will go to bed on my own at night. During the day, I will sleep where you are or I’ll find my own warm spot. Usually your bed. I’m also known to just go to my own bed.


I am not good with or unsure around [Cats], and I have no experience around [kids, dogs]


By nature I am… [Cuddly, Playful].