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Good day friends! I’m Bridger

My favorite thing to do is Cuddle and play! I’m a very social guy.

What makes me special is I’m super friendly. I want to be friends with everybody! Especially other cats. When I don’t have other kitties around I get so sad that I won’t eat! So, my perfect home will have other friendly kitties already, or you can adopt one of my buddies at the same time. I’ll make that easy for ya, ’cause I think every kitten is my buddy.

I want my new owner to know I was found alone outside in the hot sun. I mean, the heat and the fact that I wasn’t feeling well was bad enough, but did I mention that I was ALONE? That was the worst part for me. I’m glad that a nice person brought me in and found a good place for me to get healthy so that I can find a forever home.

When I am feeling playful I like to…play with other kitties, chase jingle balls, and pounce at the kitty spring toys. When it is time to rest I sleep Cuddled up with a person or a kitty friend.

I am good with[Cats, Dogs, Kids]

By nature I am… [Playful, Social, Affectionate].