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My favorite thing to do is love on people. I never thought I’d admit that, but it’s true.

What makes me special is I was taken… no, no, abducted… yeah, that’s it. It was a dark and not so stormy night. Me and a bunch of other kitties were holed up under a crumbly old people house. It wasn’t much, but it kept us dry, ya know? Well that night these people came. Not the normal guy who usually brought us food. New people. Suspicious types, but they had food and oh, I’m a growing kitten and I need yums, so outI crept, all cautious like, to this can that smelled so good. And this lady tried to grab me! I was too fast. I’ve got skills. Anyway, we went like that… I grab a few bites, she tries for me, but no dice lady! Finally she just leaves the foodin this wire box thing. Sucker. I could get in there easy. But WHAM. There was this big noise and wires everywhere and I couldn’t get out! Trapped.

I want my new owner to know I was so scared. Betrayed by my tummy. Oh,why did I go in that wire food box? I was so miserable. My nose was stuffy and I was coughing and just all itchy inside and out
I huddled up with one of my buddies and these people poked at us and made these cooing noises. They handed me and my sister off to other people who were EVEN WORSE. They gave us baths and forced this stuff down my throat, put something in my crusty eyes, and I tell you I thought that was it. The end. I was all roughed up by this towel thing and passed out to dry next to my damp sister and we didn’t say anything. I’m sure we were poisoned. But then this really weird thing happened. The itching stopped. My lungs felt better. I could breathe and I could see better. I felt GOOD. My tummy was full of yummies, and I was getting all this energy. That’s when I knew. They tried to get me, but what they really did was awaken my dormant SUPER POWERS. I, my potential forever fam, am INVINCIBLE.


When I am feeling playful I like to… leap tall buildings in a single bound. Go faster than a speeding bullet. I have these amazing reflexes. You toss me a krinkly ball or a catnip mouse and BAM. I’ll get it. Nothing gets past me. I just feel so amazing now. I want you to be my next biggest fan, and I treat my public well. I’m all purrs and cuddles and I’ll twine around your ankles until you adore me, as well you should. I’m everything!

When it is time to rest I sleep cuddled up with a warm sock or my sister. Anyplace cozy is good for me. It sure beats the crumbly dirty place I was in before.


I am good with Cats, Dogs, and Kids

By nature I am… Energetic, Cuddly, Playful, Social, Affectionate, Curious