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Hi there, I’m Bobbidi

My favorite thing to do is Run! I love to chase my brother and sister. I am a little scared of the other cats in the house so if they are around, I like to find a place to sit and watch as they play.

What makes me special is I have such a sweet personality. I have the most unique colors and unique personality. When I see treats you will hear me meow but apart from that I am a pretty quiet kitty. I will come when you call me because I do love my people.

I want my new owner to know I get scared easily and will Hide when I am nervous. But i do venture out pretty easily because I am so curious about my surroundings! I am not a very cuddly kitty but if you give me a couple of days to get used to you I will start to love being around you. I’ll plop
Up next to you and purr as you pet my checks and under my chin. I just love to be by you.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Play with cat toys, run up and down the cat tree and in the cat tunnels. When it is time to rest I sleep Usually in the cat tree or in blankets.

I am good with Dogs, Kids

By nature I am… Energetic, Quiet, Curious.