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Hello, I’m Atali

My favorite thing to do is be with nice people. I want to be right next to anyone who will pet me. I will rub up against your legs and meow a cheerful hello when you come in the room.

What makes me special is I am particularly affectionate. I seek out people.

I want my new owner to know I was found outside with my newborn kittens. My neck was terribly scratched up. I had earmites and was hurting myself trying to get rid of them. The earmites are gone, and my neck is mostly heaped, though my fur is still a bit short where it is growing back in. I’m a gorgeous girl with a very sweet personality, and I’m really happy to be with people and glad they helped me. I tend to keep to myself around other animals. I will not seek attention from a dog or cat, but tend to be fairly chill around them. The exception is that I have been a very good mama, and I’m affectionate with my kittens and fiercely protective of them.

When I am feeling playful I like to… investigate whatever you have. When it is time to rest I sleep curled up next to my favorite people or in a cat tree cubby.

I am good with Cats, Kids, Dogs

By nature I am…Social, Affectionate.