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Hello, I’m Aimi

My favorite thing to do is Get attention when my human is sleeping. You think you might be able to catch a quick cat nap? Think again. Just when you are about to fall asleep, I will pounce on your face! Its so much fun.

What makes me special is I cannot get enough love! You can pet me for an hour, but when you stop, I will look up at you and meow; letting you know I am not finished.

I want my new owner to know Until I get to know you, I will be a little shy, run away, and maybe hide. But once I know you have cuddles for me, I will have open paws for you! I love to run quickly into walls, which may also wake you up. 🙂

When I am feeling playful I like to…Wrestle with my siblings, and find other creative ways to wake you up. I LOVE boxes. I love things that make noise! When it is time to rest I sleep In a box. I don’t need anything fancy, but if you let me get under the bed, that works too!

I am good with[Cats, Kids] and I have no experience around [dogs]

By nature I am… [Cuddly, Social, Loud, Affectionate].