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Please take 10-30 seconds and let us know your intake status. Please and thank you!

Protocol and Processes

How online requests for meet and greets will be sorted. Requests will ONLY count for available pets, pre-available pets will not be able to have meet and greet scheduled. Meet and greets are first come first serve. Once the first request has been submitted there is a 24 hour window for the first person in line to reply once a member of the board has messaged them. Then the board will move onto the next request in line to schedule meet and greets.

Please review the Foster Process doc linked below:

This document will cover the following topics:

  • Kitten SCHEDULE
    • 6 WEEKS
    • 6-8 WEEKS
    • 8 WEEKS
    • 12 WEEKS
    • MEET & GREET
    • Right of First Refusal

Schedule Photos/Videos for Pet Fair & Site

Photos and videos sign up! Available on Mondays after 5pm (booking will give you options before that, but 5pm onward only). In order to be listed on the site or premiered in the Pet Fair, Photos and Videos are a MUST. Reach out to Brea  with questions. 

Help Us Share Your Baby’s Story!

No one knows your foster babies quite like you do! As you know, kitten season gets pretty crazy. We are determined to still show each of our fosters on our site as the amazing and unique pets they are! By taking a few minutes to help us get to know your foster’s personality better you are helping their future family get to know them through your eyes. If you have multiple fosters please make multiple submissions. Please wait to fill out form if your foster is under 4 weeks old. 

Right of First Refusal (adopting your foster baby) and Requesting Adoption for Friends and Family!

Thank you for all you do as an AZ CARE foster! If you are interested in evoking the right of first refusal on behalf of yourself or  if you are interested in submitting a request for a friend/family member we will need the below information a week prior to the pet becoming available. All requests will need to be approved by the AZ CARE board of directors.